New Central Bathhouse Rises

Thanks to generous Tawonga donors, a beautiful new Central Bathhouse is rising immediately next to the aging Boys’ Bathhouse at Camp, on schedule to open later this year.  Local craftsman are building the new facility, designed by a leading Sonora architect and incorporating Tawonga milled cedar in it’s covered decks. Many of the guys have been living in Camp all winter, and you can see from their attention to detail and quality of work that they have fallen in love with Tawonga!

The floorplan is very creative, allowing us to modify the Men’s Side/Women’s Side layout depending on what kind of program we are running.  In addition to the many individual showers, toilets, and sinks in the new facility, there are also two private “Family” rooms, each with a toilet, shower and sink.  These will be especially appreciated by the many infants and toddlers who bring their parents to Family Camp.

The entire building is fully insulated, designed for year-round use.  In the summer, its shaded decks and breezeway will become hangouts, and inside, the high ceilings will provide natural circulation, assisted by a forced-air system.  In the winter, the building will be kept comfortable by radiant heating provided by circulating hot water through a system of tubes in the floor.

This is a building every Tawongan will love!