New Winterized Cabins Used All Season

Meet “Tenaya” and “Tioga”

In 2017, Tawonga’s new all-season cabins, Tenaya and Tioga, opened for use to rave reviews! Built to replace staff cabins lost in the 2013 Rim Fire, these cabins provide much-needed housing suitable for families with young children, seniors and those with handicaps attending Family Camp, as well as for guests and staff during the summer.

Beginning with Spring Family Camp Weekend, families enjoyed the comfort of Tenaya and Tioga as well as their ease of access, just steps from main Camp. One parent reported, "It was exceptional! Comfortable, convenient, beautiful, spacious and perfect for families with young kids – a dream!”

These cabins allow us to expand our Family Camps to accommodate eight more families each weekend. Built in the style of our classic, rustic exposed-beam aesthetic, they look and feel Tawongan; plus their interior was crafted out of our own pine trees salvaged from drought killed trees.

Helping to extend our program season into the colder months, the cabins later housed 37 teens in December 2017 for our third annual Teen Winter Retreat. These young Tawongans got a kick out of exploring the unique beauty of Camp in the winter and bonded together through classic Tawonga programming and cozying up by the fireplace in the Dining Hall at night.

Our newfound capacity to operate more programs throughout all four seasons is a game-changer for Camp, helping more kids and families to have impactful Tawonga experiences.